Glad you have found / stumbled across me.

Let me apologise if you though this blog was going to be all about sweet food, It is all about food but not just sweet food. Now that is out the way welcome to my site.


Let me introduce myself to you – This is a photo of me

My name is Mark and this is my blog, It’s not much (yet) but it’s all mine. I develop the recipes, I cook the recipes, I shoot the photos (one my iphone 5), I eat the dishes (hence why I don’t style my photos) and all the thoughts and comments are mine even if you don’t agree with them.

I love to cook and I cook every day of the week. I used to be a chef but I gave up the fast pace of a restaurant life which saw we working 16 hours a day in some great places both here in the UK and abroad.

During the week for dinner I don’t always cook the most exciting dishes but I always use fresh ingredients and cook everything from scratch. Once the weekend comes I let loose in the kitchen. If you like my recipes (which are nearly all mine, those that aren’t mine I’ll let you know) please feel free to comment on them and should you wish to use my recipes on your blog please link them back to my blog. The same goes for my photos, I know they aren’t much but they are mine (and I have the copy-write).



2 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks, Glad you like my blog. It’s still in its early stages and has a way to go. Would love to swap some recipes. I also add a daily quick recipe on my Facebook page: Facebook.com/custardorcream

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