Quick Recipe: Chimichurri Beef

Chimichurri BeefI must admit I am about 6 months too late in posting this. I cooked this Chimichurri Beef a while back in the summer for a group of 14 of us but when I came to writing the post that went with it I already had about 12 recipes in the post (The original post can be found here http//:wp.me/p4yOty-53) and forgotten I had taken any photos of the Chimichurri Beef.

So what is Chimichurri? It’s an Argentinian “green sauce” used on grilled meats. Chimichurri works well on just about anything, chicken, fish, pork or beer and using a BBQ or chargrill just enhances the flavour even more.

If you’ve packed the BBQ away and don’t want to wait until next year, buy yourself a chargrill and bring the outside in.


2kg Flank steak – Ask your butcher for this as it is not available in most supermarkets (yet)
Bunch coriander
Bunch oregano
Bunch flat leaf parsley
250ml Cooking oil
Cumin seeds – Good pinch
6 Cloves of garlic
2 Chillis
125ml White wine vinegar


Take all the ingredients except the beef and put them in a liquidiser or a bowl and use a hand mixer. Mix all until a puree. Place your beef in to a bowl and cover with the marinade, making sure all the beef is covered. I took my marinade to the butcher I bought my beef from and he vacuum packed it for me (you don’t get that in a supermarket).

Leave to marinade for minimum 12 hours I left mine for 48 hours.

Heat the BBQ or chargrill pan. Cook the beef on both sides until you have bar marks on it. remove from cooking and place on a baking tray. Bake in the oven at 180ºc until it is cooked to 58ºc (this will still be very rare and take about 12 minutes, cook for longer if you like it more well done).

Remove from oven and rest for 10 minutes and then slice. This can be eaten either hot or cold.


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