Patience Is A Virtual: Mini Doughnuts

DoughnutsQuestion: What do Homer Simpson, American Police and 95% of the rest of the population have in common?

Answer: They love doughnuts or in the case of Homer Simpson its “Mmm doughnuts“.

When I first started working as a Baker 18 years ago the first job given to all new bakers was making doughnuts. We used to make thousands of doughnuts a day for the following day. After mixing the dough we put it through the machine and then finish shaping by hand and they wouldn’t all be the same shape. The following day you would come in and have to fry all the doughnuts (Mmm doughnuts) you made the following day and then repeat for the following day.

For the first month or so eating fresh warm doughnuts (Mmm doughnuts) was something of a novelty. After about 3 months and 20kg heavier the joys of baking and eating doughnuts disappeared and the only joys of making doughnuts was putting 3 or 4 pumps of strawberry jam inside instead of 1 (when I think about this I see someone eating a doughnut with so much jam in that it explodes down there nice clean white shirt, sorry).

Having given up baking a number of years ago (mainly due to the early hours and not actually being that good at it) I had sort of given up on doughnuts (Mmm doughnuts) both eating them and making them. That was until I came across an old recipe in my big black book of recipes.

I had some visitors coming over and I was torn between what to make. I’d already made my granola ( The two front runners were doughnuts (Mmm doughnuts) and cinnamon buns. During my baking days I was offered a job in Sweden as a baker. The best thing about living and working in Sweden was learning to make cinnamon buns or Kanelbullar as they are know as in Sweden. After watching the doughnut (Mmm doughnuts) episode on “The Great British Bake Off” I decided to go for doughnuts (I’m sure Kanelbullar will feature soon).

I’m going to do something I have never seen a Food Blogger do, I’m going to tell you something. I messed up my doughnuts!

I’d woken up early to make my doughnuts (Mmm doughnuts) mixed all my ingredients and reliased the only thing I didn’t have was fresh yeast so I had to use dried yeast (when I was a baker we gave away free yeast but thus doesn’t seem to happen anymore). As soon as I’d mixed up my dried yeast and poured my yeast in to the mix I knew I had done it. I hadn’t waited long enough for the yeast to fully activate.

I couldn’t go back now so I mixed my dough in my blender. I own a lot of kitchen equipment but the one thing I don’t own is a food mixture. I plan to invest in a mixture but I am torn between buying a Kenwood or KitchenAid mixer.

I placed my dough in a bowl covered it and left it for about 45 minutes (the recipes calls for it to be proved for an hour but I just couldn’t wait)  Once proved I rolled out the dough cut out the my ring doughnuts and deep fried the first one as a tester. Oops I messed up. I didn’t wait long enough for the yeast to activate and I didn’t prove it long enough for the dough to rise. So my lovely ring doughnuts became jam filled mini doughnuts.

So the moral of this story is a “patience is a virtual”

60ml Water
60g Butter
45g Whole eggs (1-2 eggs)
265ml Granulated sugar
3g Salt
11g Fresh yeast (1 pack dried yeast)
470g Strong flour
Strawberry jam – Optional

Mix all the ingredients together in a mixer with the dough hook, Mix until the dough moves away from the side of the mixer. Place cling film over the mixing bowl and leave in warm place to proof.

Roll out the dough using a little flour if needed. If making ring doughnuts use two different cutter sizes to make the doughnuts otherwise use a small cutter if making mini doughnuts.

Drop the doughnuts in to a deep fat fryer or pan filled with hot oil at 180ºc until golden brown, flip over and fry until golden on both sides.

Remove from fryer dry on kitchen roll and roll in sugar. If filling with jam fill a piping bag attached with a small nozzle with jam insert the nozzle in to the doughnut and squeeze in a little jam.


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