Quick Recipe: Black Bean & Corn Salad…

Black Bean & Corn SaladSalads don’t have to be boring and this recipe is no exception.

The Americans has their classic Cobb salad, Us Brits have the Waldof salad and the Mexicans have the Black Bean & Corn salad.

I know the summer is a distance memory of sunny days, beers in the garden and BBQ’s but salads aren’t just for the summer. If you move away from limp leaves, cucumber & tomatoes salads can be enjoyed 365 days a year and one of my favourite salads to eat is the Mexican Black Bean & Corn Salad.

This super quick and easy salad takes almost no time at all to make and can eaten on its own, with chicken or as a side dish with a Mexican meal.

2 Tins black beans
2 Large red Onion
Bunch Coriander
2 Corn on the cob
2 Avocado
2 Red Pepper
1 Red Chilli
3 Lime – Juiced & zested
20ml Olive oil
2 Garlic cloves – Chopped

Open the tin of black beans and rinse. Place in to a large mixing bowl. Peel and dice the red onion and place in the large bowl with the black beans. Dice your red pepper& red chilli and add to the bowl. Remove the corn by running your knife down the corn on the cob. Chop your coriander and add with the other ingredients. In a separate bowl make your dressing add the oil, lime juice, lime zest, salt, pepper & chopped garlic. Pour your dressing over the salad and store in the fridge until needed. Just before you serve halve your avocado, peel and dice and add to your salad.


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