In Search Of A Healthy Clean Cake: Raw Chocolate Brownies

Raw BrownieSugar is bad for you but cake is tasty and life is too short.

If you’re trying to cut out sugar and still want to eat cake you need to get creative.

Over the past few years I’ve entered on to a metaphorical (and real) tread mill. I like cake, I eat cake, I run to burn off the cake I’ve eaten, because I’ve been for a run, I can eat cake as a reward and so the cycle continues.

Unless you have been living in a cave or on the moon for the last 5 years you would have missed the breaking news from the World Health Organisation; “sugar is bad for you“.

You don’t have to be as intelligent as Einstein to have worked this out. People eating diets containing high levels of sugar are more prone to obesity and diabetes. People eating low sugar diets tend to live a healthy life. It’s as simple as that.

Science lesson over I’ll get back to the cooking.

To work out what sort of clean cake to make I need to work out why I’m reaching for the cake tin before or after a run. The simple answer is  I’m looking for something sweet, chocolaty and full of energy. Chocolate is full of sugar and sugar gives you energy. The only downside to this sugar rush like a coffee rush (mmm coffee in a Homer Simpson kinda way) is the come down. After the come down you start to grave sugar again, This is the metaphoric tread mill I want to get off.

If I was simply looking for a low fat snack I could save myself a lot of time and money (healthy food doesn’t come cheap) and go for one of the new perfect (way too small packets) 100 calories snack size crisps, chocolate, cereal bars etc but that would be too simple (and where’s the fun in that).

The starting point for a super healthy clean cake needs to be a recipe that has no butter, no sugar, no chocolate and no cream (I know these are the only reason to eat cake), Remember this is a healthy clean cake and healthy is good.

If you look in most recipe books you will find healthy alternatives for cakes but for this culinary adventure I wanted to go super healthy and that means cutting out even sugar alternatives.

I looked at going for a vegan recipe as by nature cutting out butter and eggs would automatically make it healthier but I wanted something that was quick and simple to make and could be made at a moments notice.

So clean / raw is the way to go.

I’m no nutritionist but I know a little bit about healthy eating. Eating salad is better than eating a deep fried take away and swapping out cream for low fat cream cheese when making sauces is also better but when it comes to clean eating I know next to nothing. If I was ranking my knowledge of clean eating on a scale (1 = knowing what fruit and vegetables are & 10 = being an expert) I’m about a 2 or 3 at a push.

Whilst out doing my weekly shopping at the supermarket that is “never knowing under sold”  it hit me if I don’t make something now I’ll buy something and  I’ll never give it a go at making my own. As my knowledge of clean eating is low I visited Mr Google via my phone whilst in the supermarket (what did we do before the internet and more so the internet on our phones?)

I’d like to say I chose this recipe as it was the easiest, simplest and the website was good (after taking a better look at the website it is pretty good, if you like raw food but to be 100% honest it was the only one that I understood what all the ingredients were  more importantly they were available in the supermarket.

So here is my version of The Rawtarian’s Chocolate Brownies:

225g Pecans
250g Dates
75g Raw cacao – cocoa powder
50g Shredded unsweetened coconut
50g Honey
Pinch of Salt

Blend the pecans until crumbly, add the dates until the dates are smooth and the mixture is combined. Fold in the remanding ingredients and place in a dish. Leave in the fridge for an hour.

Chop them in to small or large pieces and eat.


3 thoughts on “In Search Of A Healthy Clean Cake: Raw Chocolate Brownies

  1. In the honey there’s about 50 grams of sugar. In the dates, there’s about 160 grams of sugar. That makes a total 210 grams of sugar. For comparison’s sake, when I bake brownies in an 8 inch (20 cm) pan, I use one cup, which contains… wait for it… 160 grams of sugar!

    Given, you’ve got more fiber in your brownies. And probably less fat (don’t have time to do that math right now). But sugar… well, the numbers speak for themselves. 🙂

    The real question is: But how did they taste? (Be honest!)

    • Natural sugars are always going to be better then refined sugars. Nothing beats the taste of a gooey brownie straight from the oven but for a healthier energy bar or a less guilty snack they taste better than most of the energy bars I’ve tried.

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