Quick Recipe: Parmesan & Herb Cod…

Parmesan & Herb CodWeek night dinners can be a little boring and with us being told that we should eat to portions of fish a week what better way to up your weekly in take then with this simple and delicious parmesan & herb cod.

Juicy cod with a parmesan & herb crunch that is so good it doesn’t have to be for week night dinners. Use some cod loin and you have a dinner party dish to wow your quest.

4 Cold fillets – You can any white fish if you don’t have cod
250g Panko breadcrumbs – The super crunchy ones you can buy in all the supermarkets 
1/2 Lemon – Zested & juiced
1 Tablespoon wholegrain mustard
25g Grated parmesan
Few springs of parsley – You can also use tarragon, thyme or rosemary
Salt & Pepper

This dish is so easy I feel that I should add in a few extra steps to beef  it up so you can tell your guests how long it took you but like I said it is a quick week nigh dinner.

Turn the oven on to 180ºc. Whilst the oven is warming up place your fish on a baking tray. If you want to save on the washing up place some parchment paper on the tray. Chop your parsley or which ever herbs you are going to use. In a bowl mix your breadcrumbs, cheese, salt, peppers, lemon zest & parmesan. In another bowl mix your mustard & lemon juice.

Taking a spoon dip it in the mustard mix and spread over the fish (this will work as a glue for the breadcrumbs) Sprinkle your breadcrumbs sprinkle them over the fish.

Place your fish in the oven and cook for around 12-15 minutes until the fish is cooked right the way through (75ºc when probed).

If you want to make this even quicker and using items you have in the cupboard substitute the breadcrumbs, herbs, salt and pepper for a good quality stuffing mix.


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