No Point Reinventing the Wheel: Mason Jar Salad

Mason Jar Salad 1I’ve always known if you search Google (other search engines are available) long and hard enough you can find just about anything. Want to find the simplest way to understand the theory of relativity Google it. Want to find the square root of 3650903927 type it in to Google and it will tell you the answer (To save you googling it it’s 60422.7103579).

If googling the square root of 3650903927 is not your sort of thing and food is then the internet is full of delights for you. Search any of the blogs, food porn websites or recipe sites and you see this years trending recipes: Mason Jar Salads.

Why are these salads trending? They look good, their easy to make and they do have practical use, screw on a lid and you can take it anywhere without it spilling.

So instead of reinventing the wheel for my next post he’s my take on the Mason Jar Salad.

20ml Dressing – I used a mixture of 15ml olive oil & 5ml lemon juice
1/2 Lemon
15ml Olive Oil
50g Cooked blacked beans – If using tinned wash and drain them
1/3 Yellow pepper diced
1/3 Orange pepper diced
1/2 Red onion diced
1/2 Avocado diced – With a squeeze on lemon on it
50g Tomato diced
Handful of rocket

If you want your salad to look like it does on all websites place your dressing on the bottom of the jar, layer up in nice neat layers remembering to keep the colours separate on each layer. Once you get to the top place on your rocket. Put on the lid and you can take it anywhere.

If you’re not to worried about how your salad looks place everything in the jar. Place on the lid and you’re ready to take it with you.

This is just one idea for a Mason Jar Salad. You can use any type of dressing, your favourite salad or any ingredients you want.



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