Not All Coffee Is Made Equal: Iced Coffee

Iced CoffeeMy name is Mark and I’m a coffee addict. They say talking about an addiction is the hardest thing to do, but once you have said it aloud you can start to get help. There you go I’ve said it aloud but I don’t want any help I just want a decent cup of coffee.

My coffee of choice is black and strong and it has to fill the cup to the top, no matter the size of the cup (what’s the point of only serving half a cup?). Espresso’s would be my perfect drink but drinking that amount of caffeine gives me heart permutations.I’m not one to procrastinate but  I’ve been having sleepless nights for the past 6 months and coffee is to blame. These sleepless nights aren’t due to drinking coffee too late ( I never drink coffee after 4pm for this reason) but down to one simple question.

As I only drink black coffee is it worth buying a coffee machine?

During this years Cheltenham Food Festival I came across a local coffee producer based in Oxford called UE Coffee Roasters (Their USP is they are the only people in the UK roasting coffee on wood). After striking up a conversation with the guys behind the stall I managed to get myself an invitation to visit their coffee roasting facility. 6 weeks later (busy schedule) I finally took up the offer of a tour and with  an hour to spare between meetings I heading over to UE.

UE Coffee MachineWalking into UE was a cross between a swanky coffee shop and Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory ( I looked for the oopa loompa’s but could spot them). As I chef I think I have a well refined palette and can spot the difference in tastes between coffees. I can tell if it’s bitter, fuller bodies or instant but drinking coffee with Phil was a new experience. Phil a former wine expert was tasting flora notes and cinnamon in his coffee, I was just nodding and agreeing. 6 cups of coffee later I had some new coffee to try in my trusty cafeteria.

As I kid I remember the coffee advert based around pretending the instant coffee was made in a coffee peculator. I’ve never understood this advert as making real fresh coffee isn’t hard. Boil kettle, pour water in to cafeteria, wait 5 minutes, plunge and drink.

I don’t know if it is because I now have more of an interest in coffee but coffee gadgets and gizmos are all the rage and available for every price point from the £10 trusted cafeteria ( my trusted choice), the metal Italian jug you put on the stove (I’ve never understood this), the areopress and the kid on the block the drip pot. Away from these primitive manual labour machines there has been a surge of espresso and coffee pod machines selling for up to £500.

NespressoDo I need a fancy pod machine to make my black coffee? No. I love kitchen gadgets so I’ve just invested in an all singing all dancing Nespresso machine.

Will it make a better tasting coffee than the organic UE coffee I have? maybe maybe not.

Will it be cleaner than grinding the coffee, washing the grinder out and washing the coffee cafeteria out ( those coffee grinds get everywhere)? Yes

Will it make me drink more coffee? After 3 days I haven’t seen it my consumption increase but then again I don’t want to use up all my pods before I order some more.

Do I need a fancy pod machine to make my black coffee? No but then again do I need 15 chefs knives, 30 pots and pans, 100 cook books and all the other kitchen paraphernalia I own  to cook at home?



Iced Coffee Recipe


Full glass of ice
2 Shots of your favourite coffee – machine or hand made
250ml Milk – Any milk you like including soya or almond

Optional Ingredients & Flavour Mixes

Dash of vanilla and vanilla milk
Chocolate syrup & vanilla
Maple & almond


And what’s my favourite iced coffee? just black and cold.





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