I’ll Never Understand Social Media: Tomato, Basil & Chilli Salad

Tomato, Chilli & Basil SaladI’ve posted 97 pins on Pinterest, 60 photos on my Facebook page, 33 post via my blogs, 939 tweets on twitter, 80 Instagram posts and 30 photos on Google + and this is my most liked.

Some of these post contain recipes that I’ve worked on for years either during my restaurant days or at home. These recipes are tried and tested and if I do say so myself they taste great. Once cooked I’ve shot (some of ) them in every angle known to man until the dish looks as good as it tasted. Following on from the photo shoot I’ve then sat in front of my Ipad burning the midnight oil in order to write down a step by step guide on how I’ve prepared and cooked the dish. Uploaded it to my blog, posted it to my social media accounts and waited for the applauds to come in.

Having now posted enough on my blog/social media I now know that the applauds don’t always come. What you think looks and taste great doesn’t get the hits you expect and vice versa. The dishes you throw together becomes an internet sensation.

This is the situation I found with this dish. It was never supposed to be a blog post just some ingredients I picked from the garden and threw together to go alongside dinner. 1 snap and I had the perfect photo.

This photo didn’t become an internet sensation on the scale of Justin Bieber but it did become my number 1 retweeted photo on tweeter.

Personally I don’t know why but as I said “I’ll never understand social media”.

Tomato, Basil & Chilli Salad

As I never intended for this to become a recipe and went out to the garden just to cut some tomatoes, basil, parsley chives and chilli to throw it together I didn’t measure anything but if I had to guess this is what was in it.

500g Tomatoes – Mine came from the garden and were a mixture of red & yellow.
1/2 Chilli –Any variety
200g Diced red onion
Handful of chives, parsley & basil – Again this came from the garden
Splash of olive oil
Glug of balsamic
Salt & Pepper


Slice the tomatoes and put on a plate, top with dice chilli & red onion. sprinkle on herbs and seasoning. Pour on the olive oil & balsamic.

Mop up with fresh bread.


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