Quick Recipe: Meringue…

MerguineThe French have a version as do the Italian and finding a meringue recipe that works is something of a mine field.

Once you have decided on your recipe your problems don’t stop. Sometimes they work and they are crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside, most of the time they don’t and you end with a flat mess.

I won’t bore you with the science behind why you sometimes have more luck than other times when making meringue but a good tip is to make sure your mixing bowl is clean and oil free and your egg whites are fresh and free from yolk.

If you have marvelled at the over sized meringue that your local coffee shop are selling for £2.00 this is the perfect recipe for you.

600g Caster Sugar
300g Egg Whites
(Remember double sugar to egg whites)

Place the sugar & egg whites in a pan, place on a low heat and warm until 38°c. (I would use my hand to judge this but I would recommend that you use a probe).

Once the egg mixture gets to 38°c place in a very clean mixer and mix until cold, stable and fluffy.

Whilst the mix is mixing you can add anything you like, coco powder, cinnamon or mixed spice.

Use a large spoon and spoon out on to a baking tray sprinkle with nuts and bake at 90°c for 2 hours, allowing to cool in the oven.



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