I’m not a real food blogger: Olive Tapenade

IMG_4166It all started so well this weekend regarding my blog. One of my twitter followers had posted that she was looking for some inspiration for her weekly Saturday newspaper column (Like all bloggers I saw this an opportunity to promote my blog.) so I suggested she should write it about me, the title I had already thought of was “No one believes food blogging is hard”. It took her all of about 20 seconds to tweet back a nice response of “No”.

My next suggestion for a topic was food, a very vague topic I know but lots of scope for a column. A few days later I got a tweet to say that I would be getting a thank you in her column for my suggestion.

By 8.00am Saturday morning I was in my local newspaper scanning the newspaper weekend supplement. Last page, halfway down there in black & white a thank you with my twitter handle @custardandcream

Andy Warhol did say “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

I’ve been away this weekend to the big smoke otherwise known as London. Although I was born in London over the years I have been moving further & further away. It’s not because I don’t like London actually it’s quite the opposite. I love London and on a warm sunny day no city can beat it.

We had lunch reservations in a restaurant in the trendy district of Shoreditch (this will feature in another post). My intentions whilst in the restaurant was to get a few, and I mean a few (1 or 2) photos of our meal. This wasn’t to post via Instagram but I love to take photos of food wither it be for ideas for work, ideas or the blog.

I didn’t choose my standard restaurant dish and opted for roast beef. Having worked in a number of restaurants that serve 300+ roasts on a Sunday I wouldn’t normally go for a roast. Sunday roasts are cooked on a Sunday morning and are reheated to order.  But as I was recommended the roast beef I ordered it with a side order of triple cooked chips (the term triple cooked annoys me).

So my roast arrived with a Yorkshire pudding the size of a football (you’re have to believe me on this), the triple cooked chips were perfect and the desserts were out of this world  Unlike the table behind us I didn’t take any photos of our meal. A real food blogger would have had the tripod set up way before the meal was ordered.

Feeling a little disappointed that I missed the chance to shoot some photos I thought I’d redeem myself by shooting some photos of the abundance of street vendors selling made to order hot food. Every kind of cuisine and food trend was covered from Thai, Jamaican, Mexican and everything in-between. Away from the hot food was handmade fudge, baklava and doughnuts the size of a car tyre.  Due to the large meal I’d just eaten the mere smell of food made me few sick. So again I didn’t shoot any photos.

The whole day wasn’t a complete disaster as I bought a cookbook from the restaurant we went to and I final picket up some stripy straws, an old fashion milk bottle and plenty of ideas for future blog post.

Don’t tell the real food bloggers but due to my weekend away I am using up my last recipe that I had ready for a rainy day (or weekend away). Next week I promise I will be cooking all weekend.

Olive Tapenade

1 Garlic clove, crushed
1 Lemon, juice only
3 Teaspoons capers, chopped
6 Anchovy fillets, chopped
250g Black olives, pitted
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
2-4 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


Put it all in a liquidiser and blend, serve on warm toast or mixed in with pasta.



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