It’s All Salted: Flavoured Salts

20140521-213224-77544246.jpgAn old proverb: “Addito salis grano – With the addition of a pinch of salt”.

In the past I’ve cooked for royalty, celebrities, paying customers, friends and family and as far as I know most of them have enjoyed what I have cooked them (Having cooked in a restaurant I am all too aware that their are always those customers who moan because, well just because they can so they don’t really count).

Growing up as a kid my Mum was a great cook, she would always be baking a cake or frying fish (she also had a thing for trifles and when we had family get togethers she would always make enough food so no one would go hungry (this would include the neighbours and all the guests taking home doggy bags).

As the years have gone on my Mums cooking has slowed down a bit (who can blame her? Us boys have left and now it’s only two of them) For me it’s great that my Mum has slowed down her cooking as now that I am a chef it’s time for me to take over the cooking at Christmas (or at least that what I thought).

In all the time I have been working as a chef my Mum has only ever let me cook the vegetables for Christmas. Maybe she’s got her “mum” head on and wants to cook for the family or maybe she thinks I won’t be able to cook for 10 people ( I once cooked for 1000 people on 2 cooker hobs) Whatever the reason is I don’t mind because when my parents come to me it’s my house and my rules (at least in the kitchen).

I have cooked many things in my kitchen for my parents and my Dad has loved them all (except the rabbit somosa’s, they loved them when they thought it was chicken). After visiting for a few days my Dad has often asked my mum to recreate the dishes at home after I’ve writing an in-depth instruction on how to make it, My mum has given in and commented to cooking the dish.

Speaking to my Mum she has informed me that my Dad has commented to her that her recreation of my dishes are on par if not better than mine (that is until he is alone and has called me to complain it taste nothing like mine). Upon further investigation I find out my Mum doesn’t use salt when cooking.

There is a lot of talk currently about the use of (too much) salt in food, I am not going to comment on this however I will say if you cook everything from scratch with fresh ingredients use some salt. It will enhance and improve everything you do.

If you are looking for a quick flavour hit try one of these simple flavoured salts.

Chilli Cumin Sea Salt
250g Sea salt / kosher salt – good quality
50g Cumin seeds
25g Chilli flakes
Shake all ingredients in a jam jar.

Use with sweet potato fries, chicken and just about everything else.

Lemon & Thyme Salt
250g Sea salt / kosher salt – good quality
1 Lemon zested
3 Thyme sprigs – picked
Shake all ingredients in a jam jar

Use with fish.

Rosemary Salt
250g Sea salt / kosher salt – good quality
3 Springs rosemary – chopped
Shake all ingredients in a jam jar

Use with meat especially lamb.

Lime & Ginger Salt
250g Sea salt / kosher salt – good quality
3 Limes – zested
25g Grated ginger

Shake all ingredients in a jam jar

Use with fish or vegetables




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