How To Serve Burnt Food: Caramelised Roast Vegetables

Med Veg Have you ever been to a restaurant and seen a description on the menu and wondered what it was? Well let me explain them to you. Rustic = Couldn’t be bothered to chop it all the same size, Deconstructed (normally desserts) = The gelatin didn’t set and it fell apart, Caramelised = The chef burnt it but we still want to sell it.

3 days of sunshine here in the UK at the weekend saw scenes of mad panic as 1000’s of people drove to their local DIY stores in search of a BBQ and plastic furniture (just don’t place the chairs to near to the BBQ). As we are not known for our warm weather here in the UK any chance to light up a BBQ must be taken as we don’t know when we might see the sun again. As this weekend is a public holiday here in the UK it will certainly be raining (why else would their be 4 James Bond films on back to back?) and there will be no chance of a BBQ. Summer will come and go and next thing you know your BBQ will be rusted and covered in snow. So any excuse for a BBQ must be taken.

I must admit I was felling pretty smug about already owning my BBQ and not having to fight it out over the last BBQ in the store. I have turned my BBQ on 4 times already this year (yes I turn it on as it is gas). If you are starting to think I use it all the time think again. I have owned my BBQ 2 years and the gas bottle still reads full.

Feeling pretty happy not be traipsing around the DIY store in search of a BBQ I decided to put this time to good use with some man jobs around the house before going to the local supermarket. OMG if you think the shops are manic at Christmas (other holiday as available) try visit a supermarket on an unexpected BBQ day. Armageddon in the bread aisle, carnage in the meat section and the sauce section looking like a jumble sale (if you are too young to remember jumble think car boot sale or garage sale).

As I walked around the supermarket that looked like a scene out of “The day after tomorrow” I was glad I don’t go for the normal BBQ items; Sausages? love them but try getting a sausage to cook in the middle before you burn the outside. Ribs? sticky ribs are great but they need to be cooked for 10-12 hours on a low light, Are you going to camp out to keep the coal burning? didn’t think so. Burgers? After “Horsegate” last year would you buy a shop burger? I wouldn’t and it was far to nice to be stuck indoors no matter how quick they are to make.

Home again and I was ready to light up the grill. That is the best thing about a gas BBQ 5 minutes later and you are ready to.

So on to my BBQ went Lemon & Thyme Chicken Breast & Caramerlised Med Veg.

2 Chicken breast
2 Lemon
Good sprig of Thyme  (I used thyme from my herb garden)
1 Head garlic
1 Courgette
1 Red, green & yellow pepper
Sea salt
Cracked black pepper
Cummin seeds – Handful
2 Red onions
2 Field mushrooms
Olive Oil

For the Chicken
Butterfly the chicken breast (place a knife in the fat end and cut to open out like a butterfly) and place in a bowl. Grate the lemon and mix with salt & pepper, chop half the thyme and cross the garlic across the middle, mix all together with a good glug of olive oil and mix the mix in to it. Marinated for 1 hours minimum but the longer you leave it the better the taste.

For the Vegetables
Peel your mushrooms, Peel the onions leaving the stalk on. cut in to 8’s, slice the courgette & aubergine length-ways and cut the pepper in to chunks. Throw all the vegetables in a bowl with some olive oil, chop the lemon & garlic you have left from the chicken and add this to the bowl, season with salt, pepper & cumin. Leave to marinate for about an hour. any longer and the vegetables will start to breakdown.

Place the chicken & vegetables on the BBQ. Cook vegetables until soft and chicken is cook through.



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