Custard & Cream: White Chocolate & Raspberry Trifle

Trifle“That most wonderful object of domestic art called trifle…with its charming confusion of cream and cake and almonds and jam and jelly and wine and cinnamon and froth.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes.


No I haven’t made a mistake in the title of this post or decided to change the name (this one took long enough to think of) of my blog ,  My blog is called Custard or Cream (and will be staying like this) but for this recipe I have decided to use both custard and cream to modernise one of the most classic dishes from my childhood in the 80’s.

During the 80’s trifle was all the rage at dinner parties (not that I got invited to any as I was only 10) and family get together throughout the UK.  The trifles I used to eat as a kid had soggy finger biscuits, too much booze (depending on which family member made it determined the type of alcohol used. If it was my Nan making it then there would be far too much sherry). The soggy biscuits where then topped with a layer of  jelly. The layer of jelly was produced using brightly coloured jelly cubes and helped to form a layer of  florescent wobbly. Once the jelly had set all that was needed to top of this delightful dessert was  a cartoon of ready made custard.

If I was lucky as a kid the trifle would have been topped with almonds or hundreds and thousands  and if it that wasn’t already sickly enough we’d serve up spray cream to accompany it (I’m sure spray cream has never seen anything that resembles a dairy products).

Fast forward 20 years and in to a new century, I wouldn’t touch anything that looked remotely like the trifle of my youth (sorry mum).

That is why I present this recipe for those of you that love the concept of a trifle but with a funky modern twist here’s my white chocolate & raspberry trifle recipe.

For the white chocolate mouse
100ml Semi skimmed milk
1 Vanilla pod
10g Caster sugar
30g Egg yolks
10g Custard powder
10g Gelatine
200g White chocolate melted
450g Double cream lightly whipped

Other ingredients
250g Chocolate brownies – homemade or shop bought
150g Raspberry
50g Raspberry coulis
100g Chantilly cream – lightly whipped cream, vanilla & icing sugar
2 Shots Grand Marnier

Bring the milk to a boil in a saucepan, in a clean bowl add the vanilla pod, egg yolks, custard powder & sugar and whisk until pale. Pour the boiling milk into the egg mixture & whisk. Transfer the mixture back on to the sauce pan. Place on a low heat. Stir mixture until it’s a smooth paste. Add you gelatine & chocolate to the custard mix. Allow to cool and fold in the cream.

Put it together
Dice your chocolate brownie in to 1cm cubes & freeze them. Once frozen divide brownie bits between 4 glasses and drizzle the Grand Marnier over it. Add a few raspberries on top and then pipe in your mix. Allow to set. Once set pipe on your Chantilly cream, drizzle the coulis and finish off with the rest of the raspberries. If this hasn’t left you full you can always add a little home-made honeycombe  ( to finish it off.



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