Elevenses: Fruit & Nut Granola

GranolaWinnie- the-pooh had honey on bread with condensed milk at the old antique shop on Portabella Road, American’s like Whisky (Wikipedia), Us Brits like tea & biscuits, Hobbits eat it after second breakfast and before luncheon. However I like mine somewhere between 9am – midday.

If I had to put a list together of the top 3 things I love (taking away partner, friends, family & football team etc) I think coffee would be top. When I say coffee I mean fresh roasted & ground coffee. Those who know me and know me well know that I am a snob when it comes to coffee (I have a certain loyalty to one coffee brand in particular that originated in Seattle and may or may not pay enough tax).

I am ashamed to admit it but when I’m offered a coffee the first thing I say is not “Yes please, black no sugar” it is “Is it instant?”. If their reply does not resemble anything like “Instant of course not it’s fresh ground coffee flown in this morning from Columbia and ground by virgins” I simply reply with “Tea will be fine”.

Having found out some time ago that a Latte has around 240 calories per cup and a black Americano has around 5 calories per cup I have decided that for my mid morning coffee (this is the coffee that comes after my wake up coffee, breakfast coffee &  morning coffee. It is also the coffee that proceeds my lunch time coffee) I am aloud to treat myself to a slice of cake. Having saved on average 235 calories per cup of coffee it would be wrong to then eat all the calories back with  a large slap of cake (however nice it maybe). That is why I love granola and due to the fact it contains fruit I can count it towards 1 of my five a day.

And if I chose to have another slice in the afternoon, that’s 2 of my 5 a day.

410g Dried Apricots
410g Pecans
400g Pumpkin Seeds
280g Sesame Seeds
280g Ground Almonds
1800g Oats
100g Ground Cinnamon
30g Salt
1000g Butter
800g Honey
1000g Granulated

Melt the sugar, honey & butter together. Once melted stir in all the other ingredients and mix well. Place in a shallow tray and press nice and flat. Bake for 25 minutes at 180°c.

Cut whilst just warm and allow to cool before removing from tray.


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