Everything Taste Better Deep Fried: Parmesan Croquettes

Parmesan Croquettes

Maybe it was Elvis, Ronald or even the Colonel that said it but I’m sure I’ve heard someone say “everything tastes better deep-fried”. I wouldn’t normally agree with that but when you look at the evidence it’s a hard case to fight. Vegetables taste ok, deep fry them and you have delicious vegetable crisp. Potatoes boiled they taste a little bland (unless of course they are new season Jersey Royals) but slice them up and you have French fries or chips. See you are slowly starting to come around to the Colonel’s thinking.

So what could I possibly do to a smooth velvety mash potato to make it taste better? What else could I do to it? Deep fry it of course.

250g Mashed potatoes
50g Grated parmesan cheese
25g Chives

Breadcrumb Mix
2 Eggs (slightly beaten)
50g Flour
25g parsley (minced)
250g breadcrumbs


Mix the parmesan & chives through the mash and roll in to sausage shape croquettes. Place the croquettes in the fridge to harden up slightly.

Set up the flour, beaten egg in separate containers. Add the parsley to the bread crumbs and place in another container. Taking it in turns place the croquettes in the flour followed by the egg and then in the breadcrumbs.

The croquettes are now ready to be deep-fried. Place your fryer at 180°c and deep fry. If you do not own a fryer you can fill a high sided pan with oil and use a probe to check the temperature.



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